For the public record. Fev’s exposure on CCTV. Further cryptic developments bring conclusion to bizarre incident. Sort of.

Brendan Fevola eating pizza at Sweethearts Pizza in Albury.

A post from Julie Betteridge on Facebook explaining it all.

It goes without saying that Daryl Betteridge’s exposure of Brendan Fevola’s late-night saunter and a bite to eat at Sweethearts Pizza restaurant has turned  to mud even though it must have seemed a good idea at the time.

For a start we weren’t quite sure whether in fact Mr Fevola had dined at Sweethearts but he did because Borderline received from an anonymous source showing evidence that Julie Betteridge admitted as much in a Facebook post a few days after Mr Fevola’s stroll went public.

The post which was later deleted and which we publish for the edification of Borderline readers, is a cryptic fusion of scenarios on Sweethearts version of events. We particularly like the line “Here he is eating Pizza at a Pizza shop nothing strange about that.” Sometimes universal truths at their simplest form that just seem to come from nowhere can be very compelling.

Ms Betteridge begins by stating the rather obvious that “We are a pizza shop. Mr Frevola [sic] came and ate Pizza. His behavior was exemplary […].” Good.

Ms Betteridge then went on to say “[…] we could not understand why all the media was suddenly swarming our Business. Apparently many photo’s that Mr Frevola [sic] was aware we’re [sic] taken by members of the public at our business and Paddies hotel and they had been posted on social media.”

Mmm, then it all gets a bit complicated, maybe even convoluted, when Ms Betteridge tries to get a fix on things because it’s not at all convincing.
We thought he had been accused of some sort of offence she posted with just a suggestion of affected indignity and  rather too categorically for our liking that no one was more disgusted that this had happened to Mr Fevola than me and that she was absolutely livid that they got hold of it…

Absolutely livid… like really absolutely livid. No doubt both employers and employees at Sweetheart’s were livid as well. And whose they? No doubt lividity – even if the word does not exist was thick in the air that evening when poor Fev was done over. Lividity with the lot we might suggest using pizzeria lingo. This was all followed by a somewhat curious  mea culpa of sorts when Ms Betteridge lamented; Yes we were naive and stupid and thought we were defending Mr Fevola’s reputation.

From where we’re looking at it the naiveté and stupidity and the supposition that ’they’ were defending M Fevola’s reputation doesn’t hold much water as far as we are concerned unless she is in a roundabout way confessing to the setup.  Then again she contradicts herself.  Indeed one might conclude with a certain confidence that Ms Betteridge was not defending Mr Fevola’s repute as she implied but rather Sweetheart’s reputation in the handling of this matter. And what a fist she made in explaining it all away. Especially in view of the rumour widely circulating at the time Prime was invited to a private viewing of the CCTV footage at Sweetheart’s on the proviso that Cr Betteridge was as it were ‘kept out of it’.

This brings us back to Ms Betteridge’s claim that she was absolutely livid that they got hold of the CCTV footage which begs the question  how can you be livid  when you were in the know from the start  and gave the media permission to film the CCTV footage on the monitor. Is there any existing CCTV footage of livid behaviour that night. You could be embarrassed – extremely embarrassed when Prime News  footage included some location detail that proved the footage was filmed on Sweetheart’s own CCTV cameras. Presumably such detail wasn’t supposed to be included because Cr Betteridge’s  anonymity would be blown.

Perhaps what Ms Betteridge should have said is she was absolutely livid that what was thought of as a good idea at the time wasn’t such a good idea at all –  especially when it all unraveled. Ms Betteridge’s attempts   in her post on Facebook  to extricate he husband and herself  from any accusations that it was a put-up job that misfired is then curiously redirected to an unknown hand   with suggestions  that there well may have been certain conspiratorial circumstances   to  how ‘they’ got the footage. Then again Yes we were naive and stupid and thought we were defending Mr Fevola’s reputation comes into question that they admitted their guilt comes into paly. Hang on that couldn’t be right because   she was absolutely livid they got hold of it.

All things considered we will for the sake of the public record describe it as Fev’s paradox and leave it at that.

Paradox. A statement or argument which, despite sound reasoning from an acceptable premiss, leads to a conclusion that is against sense, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory. 



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